Rehabilitate   Educate   Accomplish   Longevity
Helping you work out what your body needs so you can do the activities you enjoy.

REAL Physio London, based in Crouch End/Muswell Hill will diagnose, treat and manage your musculoskeletal injury using the best available evidence. Our four pillars have been designed so your journey from start to finish is professional, effective and tailored to your needs. 

Core Pillars


If you have sustained an injury or require post-op rehabilitation, our Physiotherapist, Osteopath and Massage Therapists use the most up to date evidence to guide you through your recovery.


Education is key to understanding your injury where you will be informed of the underlying cause rather than just treating the symptoms.


The aim is not just to reduce your pain but to empower you to accomplish your goals. Whether it be to recover from an ACL surgery, running a marathon or simply keep fit, we are here to help you. 


A true successful outcome is when your injury has been resolved or reduced to its lowest possible level over a long period of time.